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FAQ – Home Remodeling Projects

Homeowners have many questions before starting a home remodel. Here are answers to questions we hear most often.

Q: Should I Get 3 Bids for My Home Remodel Project?

A: This is a great question. During your first visit with a contractor, the most valuable thing you can do is get to know the contractor. Think of your first meeting as an interview. It is a good idea to interview three contractors. Get a feel for who you can trust, who has a good process, and who will deliver the value you deserve. At your first meeting with any contractor, there is no way to know the actual project cost. There are too many unknowns at this stage to expect the fees to be more than a ballpark.

Your home remodeling project will likely be one of the most significant investments you will make. Do not decide on something this important based on the initial cost estimate alone.

A note about competitive bidding: it stems from commercial and government projects where the lowest price typically wins the project. While we believe most contractors mean well, far too many bid at cost or lower to win the project, then issue multiple change orders and cost overruns. We refuse to put our clients in this untenable position.

Q: How Do I Benefit From Signing a Paid Professional Services Agreement (PSA)?

A: A PSA is an agreement between a client and a contractor to develop a detailed scope of work, including hard bids from subcontractors, detailed material selections, and the most accurate possible timeframe for your project. It enables your project to run as smoothly as humanly possible when we begin the build phase.

Nobody likes to work for free! By paying for this work, rather than relying on free estimates (guestimates), you ensure your home renovation project delivers the results you want, at the quality you desire, and within your budget. We credit the cost of your PSA in the final estimate in your Build Contract.

Q: What Should I Look for in a Home Remodeling Contractor?

A: Trust, value, and experience. On our first visit, our goal is to build trust and value by thoroughly describing our process and being transparent about how we develop the cost and budget for your project. We developed our proven-successful process through experience. Any contractor you consider working with should have a well-defined process from start to finish.

Q: What Should I be Concerned About in a Contractor?

A: Beware of low-bid pricing and be wary of signing any contract for a project that hasn’t been planned thoroughly through a PSA process. A contractor should never ask you to pay for services before signing a contract they explained to you in detail. A contractor should never ask you for a large sum of money upfront without providing you with a detailed scope of work and a robust construction agreement that protects all parties.

Q: Are the PSA Products Mine to Keep?

A: Yes. You have paid for all the drawings, permits, designs, and work done for the PSA, which means it is yours to keep when the PSA is complete.

Q: Do You Include A Credit for My PSA Fee in My Final Contract Price?

A: Yes, the PSA is a document that outlines the full scope of work and selections for your project. When we move forward with the Construction Agreement, we apply the total amount of the PSA to the contract fee.

Q: When You Start My Project, Will You be Dedicated to My Construction Project?

A: Absolutely. We promise to do everything we can to meet our schedule goals as agreed and communicate honestly and clearly if there are challenges. That said, we balance multiple projects at the same time. It is the nature of the construction business and a necessity to manage labor well and keep the business running smoothly.

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“The attention to detail and the quality of work was excellent. We are really happy with the finished product and would highly recommend them for any home remodel job.”

Robert and Dee, Bonney Lake, WA