American NW Homecraft Kitchen Remodel

Home Remodel Warranty

10-Year Warranty on Craftsmanship

American NW Homecraft provides a 10-year warranty on craftsmanship and a 1-year warranty on products not covered under vendor or manufacturer warranties. Very few contractors are willing or able to give this kind of warranty.

We consider our warranty a big part of building trust and providing great service. Our quality is top-notch, but nothing and no person is perfect. Our guarantee to you is to give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of failure, we are committed both in conscience and in writing to fix it immediately.

We insist on using good quality products that will last a lifetime. Many product manufacturers also warranty their products, such as appliances, fixtures, etc. We will leave copies of any documentation you may need to call in any manufacturer’s warranty, and we will be your point of contact to make that process easier and less stressful for you. Normal wear and tear are not covered.

This warranty is transferable to the next owner should you decide to sell your home. After completion, we will contact you every 12 months to check in and address any issues that may have surfaced.

The Bottom Line: We are committed to giving you the best product and craftsmanship possible. As the founder of American NW Homecraft, I am dedicated to delivering on this promise.


Jason Rasmus, Founder/CEO

Jason and his crew were so great to work with. Everyone was so kind and respectful …. Jason came in with the ideas for some really cool custom barn doors that really finished it off! Would absolutely recommend!!”

Gina, Sumner, WA