American NW Homecraft Kitchen Remodel

The Home Remodeling Process

American NW Homecraft is your premier local specialist for home remodeling. We are a full-service general contracting firm, which means we manage all the key aspects of your project within a single team — from design to building to warranty.

Our home remodeling approach streamlines the process, saves you time and money, and ensures your newly remodeled home matches the vision you started with. You will have one contract and one main point of contact, which means you can count on transparent pricing, consistent and complete communications, up-to-date schedules, and keeping costs within your budget.

A home remodel has a lot of moving parts from start to finish. We know it can be stressful at times. Understanding how your contractor works is one of the big keys to reducing stress and moving forward with complete confidence.

Here is an overview of how the American NW Homecraft home remodeling process works for you.

“[Our] project completed on schedule and within the budget proposal. Highly recommended!”

DJ and Sherry, Edgewood, WA

Step 1
Phone Consultation

Let’s talk. Typically, during a phone call, we will ask a series of essential questions that help determine if we are a good fit to move forward with working together. We will discuss your vision and make sure that we have a complete understanding of what you want. We will discuss the schedule, your role in the project, and what you can expect from us. We will be unfailingly honest — telling you what will be fun and what will not.

Step 2
The Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

We plan it. Before we enter into a Construction Agreement together, there will be pre-construction processes for which there will be fees. We handle these pre-construction processes with Professional Services Agreement (PSA). Your PSA will include costs for creating a detailed estimate that assures you of a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. The PSA may also cover design services and sometimes demolition and discovery work if required to create a guaranteed project price for you. The PSA does not oblige you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us, though when you sign the Construction Agreement, we credit the PSA cost to your first down payment. When the PSA process is complete, you own the results of the design work covered by the PSA. This may include design work, plans, permitting, etc.

Step 3
Project Development Meeting

Let’s walk through it. With all or most of the results of your PSA work completed, meet with you to talk through your home remodeling project. We will review the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, logistics, and concerns. This is our opportunity to make budget or scope of work adjustments as needed. We take as much time you want, to ensure you are comfortable and confident. 

Step 4
The Construction Agreement

Let’s make it official. We will now have all the information to guarantee your project’s price. You will have signed off on the design and production plan. We will provide and thoroughly review an agreement with a complete and clear scope of work and a final estimate for our mutual signatures.

Step 5
The Build Phase

We build it. During the building phase, we handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversite, and coordination. Concurrently we will diligently keep you updated on progress and any issues through your personal Client Portal.

Step 6
In-Process Changes

Keep it moving. No matter how carefully we plan your project together, there are nearly always some changes along the way, such as client-added work or underlying damages. This can happen for several reasons in the sometimes-unpredictable world of home remodeling. We manage these changes with our Change Order process. It makes estimating, approving, and invoicing easy with as little impact on cost and schedule goals as possible.

Step 7
Project Completion

Quality control. At 99% completion, we all meet to meticulously inspect to ensure we maintained craftsmanship levels throughout your project. During this walk-through, we will fill out and sign a Punch List of any remaining items left to consider your project 100% complete. We will do a final clean-up to the highest standards possible within the project and anything on the property we touched. Once both parties check off the Punch List, a Closing Contract will be signed, declaring your project complete.

Step 8

Enjoy your transformed home. Thank you for letting us be a part of your dreams!

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